Friday, January 31, 2014

Willie Nelson Is Smiling: Biodiesel Continues Boom, With 8 Straight Months Above 100 Million Gallons Mark

Biodiesel production is booming, and Willie Nelson, a huge biodiesel booster, is smiling.  Until recently, production rarely reached the 100 million gallons per month mark or about 1 billion gallons for a full year.

By contrast, starting in April 2013, biodiesel production has been well above 100 million gallons per month for 8 straight months. In November 2013, production reached 128 million gallons.

Current biodiesel production is reaching an annualized level of 1.5 billion gallons or 50% higher than the previous annual record. The next stop in the biodiesel boom is 2 billion gallons per year!

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  1. Thanks for your support, Willie! The Biodiesel Industry owes you big!