Friday, January 3, 2014

Stunning Fact: North Dakota Ranks First But Pennsylvania Ranks 48th In Population Growth

Both Pennsylvania and North Dakota have fracking booms, but only one has a booming population.

North Dakota ranks first in population growth in 2013, according to new data from the United States Census Bureau. Its population is up 3.1%, the most in the nation, or 22,000.

Unlike North Dakota to which people are flocking, Pennsylvania ranks 48th in population growth during 2013, though Pennsylvania now ranks second in natural gas production.

Pennsylvania's population barely grew at all, up less than 0.1% or 9,000 people.

The longer that Tom Corbett serves as Governor the worse Pennsylvania's jobs and population performance is. That is a stunning fact. And why is it so?

The Governor does not understand our economy or energy. He does not grasp that gas drilling will never provide much more than 2% of the 6.5 million jobs the state needs to be at full employment. His economic vision insures failure.

For Pennsylvania to grow and prosper, Pennsylvania must strongly regulate, zone, and tax the gas industry. For Pennsylvania to grow and prosper, Pennsylvania must have a jobs plan that features more than one industry.  Health care, education, clean energy, tourism, transportation, agriculture, and manufacturing must be prospering for Pennsylvania to prosper and grow!


  1. we need a multi-faceted economy to prosper and not one Industry to be our Savior....