Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Marijuana Fact: Legal Sales To Hit $2.34 Billion This Year

As more states legalize Marijuana, legal sales are climbing to more than $2 billion this year.

Legal sales drain the underground market of revenue, create tax revenues, and avoid enormous costs to arrest and prosecute hundreds of thousands of people.

Charting the growth of the future Marijuana market is highly speculative. But that does not stop such speculation. In the above story, one analyst forecasts the legal Marijuana market will exceed $10 billion in 5 years.

My Marijuana legalization and taxation plan is available here: The plan could stop wasting about $300 million per year spent on arrests and prosecutions and could generate as much as $200 million in new revenue.

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  1. That is obviously going to happen. When the drugs and Marijuana like things are legalized then people will buy them in mere excitement. John, you have given a valuable information to me. Thanks for that.

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