Friday, January 17, 2014

Stunning Fact: Deutsche Bank Projects 56,000 Megawatts Of Solar To Be Installed In 2015

The global solar industry is going to build the equivalent of 14 new nuclear plants just next year, according to Deutsche Bank.  And any surprise would be an upside one.

Deutsche Bank specifically forecasts a global solar build in 2015 of 56,000 megawatts.

That number is truly extraordinary. But as big as 56,000 megawatts of solar is, it will be eclipsed in 2016 and the years thereafter. Just amazing facts!

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  1. Fire Insurance Cos. must be salivating due to their ability to raise the Fire Insurance Premiums due to the issues Fire Depts. have with safety issues associated with Solar Panels on roof. I have recently read about a Delanco NJ warehouse that the Fire Dept. let it burn down because of fear of ELECTROCUTION!