Friday, January 17, 2014

Stunning Facts: Toyota's Total Hybrid Sales Rise To 6 Million & 1 Million In Last 9 Months

Toyota is the father and leading manufacturer of hybrid vehicles, with the now iconic Prius being the first in 1997.  Since 1997, Toyota has sold 6 million hybrids, a big success over the last 17 years.

Over that period, Toyota hybrid sales averaged about 350,000 cars per year.  But the pace of Toyota's hybrid sales is exploding.

In the above story, Sebastian Blanco reports that Toyota has sold 1 million hybrids in the last 9 months. That works out to a sales rate 4 times faster in the last 9 months, compared to the rate over the last 17 months.

Toyota hybrid sales are accelerating like a Tesla. Wow!!

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  1. Just think if General Motors would have kept the EV1. They would be on the EV 5 by now, battery life would be significantly better and their profits would be higher.