Wednesday, January 15, 2014

NRG's Chief Executive Takes Apart 60 Minutes, Declaring Solar & Wind Now Low Cost Sources

David Crane runs a big energy company that owns many traditional power plants--coal, gas, nuclear.

But Crane is not a typical traditional energy executive and proves it by positioning his company to prosper also in an energy world turned increasingly upside down by distributed generation, energy efficiency, electric cars, and zero-carbon power.

In a remarkable piece, taking apart a 60 Minutes infotainment done two Sundays ago, Crane states two disruptive facts that are still not widely understood in large parts of the energy world.

First, wind is now the lowest cost source of new electricity power in wholesale markets.

Second, rooftop solar is cheaper than retail grid power already in more than 20 states.

When delivered by those in the environmental community, these facts are discounted. Perhaps, the message conveyed by David Crane will be heard more broadly, though it flies in the face of the propaganda spun by 60 Minutes, which is becoming a relative of Fox And Friends.

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