Thursday, January 30, 2014

Stunning Fact: Solar Installation Jobs Average $23.63 Per Hour

Someone looking for a good paying job should consider the booming solar installation industry. The solar jobs growth rate is about ten times faster than the growth rate of jobs in the overall economy, so finding a solar job is getting easier and easier.

The solar industry has a wide variety of positions, and good-paying solar installation jobs are among them.  In fact, solar installations jobs average an impressive $23.63 per hour!

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  1. I like your concern about the environment. I have never understood why power companies also don't take advantage of solar power when the technology is there. It's been around for years. In NJ, if you travel on the Garden State Parkway, they have replaced ALL the lights on the poles with solar panels to produce light to light the parkway. What a great idea. Would love to see that in PA. Many of our major roadways and county roads are not brightened by lights at night, and I feel in many areas, this contributes to tired drivers falling asleep at the wheel, accidents, and so on. PA needs to catch up on things in the energy market. Solar doesn't affect the environment like fracking for natural gas does.