Monday, January 13, 2014

Stunning Fact: NY Creates 4 Times As Many Jobs As PA Without 1 Shale Well

You have heard it from some quarters--the story that New York's economy is a mess, in part because of its refusal to drill shale gas wells.  These critics of job creation in New York often also say that jobs are plentiful in Pennsylvania, where gas production indeed has boomed. Even journalists not toeing the conservative media line have offered versions of this tale of two, neighboring states.

But the tale that New York is a jobs desert, while Pennsylvania is riding a natural-gas jobs boom, is fiction and not fact.

In fact, New York created 4 times as many jobs as Pennsylvania from November 2012 to November 2013.

Over that period, New York created 128,000 new jobs, without one shale gas well, while Pennsylvania produced a paltry 32,000 new jobs.  Job creation has collapsed in Pennsylvania since 2010, when the Commonwealth added 87,000 jobs and ranked 7th in jobs growth.

Now what happened at the end of 2010? Your hint is that Governors and their policies matter.


  1. The Gas Boom is a Bust ! The Gas Industry is not the Savior it purports to be and which spends millions in advertising to misinform the World ! Thanks, for these facts......

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this information! I wonder if you could help us also get more attention to the fact that the drilling and processing facilities are causing ENORMOUS air pollution problems, especially for those who live in close vicinity to wellpads, processing sites, compressor stations and the like. Everyone focuses on the water. The AIR problem is deadly and little to no attention is ever paid to it.

    Thank you!

    1. Yes...I noticed the predominance of air issues in looking through the list of those who've been harmed by fracking....See the "List of the Harmed":