Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Record Fact: Nissan Leaf Has Record Sales In December and 2013, As It Challenges The Volt For Top EV Spot

This blog pays close attention to electric vehicle sales, because the electric vehicle revolution is one of the most important manufacturing, economic, environmental, and national security stories that is unfolding. No energy story is more important to America's future than getting off of oil and so oil substitutes and the products that use them are pivotal.

That brings us to the Nissan Leaf. It is an all-electric vehicle, one of the few cars that does not operate in some hybrid mode that includes a gasoline engine. The Leaf is also an American manufacturing story, as it is manufactured both in Tennessee and Japan.

While there are now 16 either all electric or plug-in hybrid models available for purchase, the Leaf is the leading all-electric vehicle that has about 21% of the combined electric vehicle and plug-in hybrid market. It, therefore, important to the electric vehicle revolution.

The Nissan Leaf had its best sales month ever in December, selling 2,529 cars. In all of 2013, Nissan sold 22,601 Leafs, up 126% from its 2013 sales total of 9,819.

Indeed, the Leaf's big gains compare to the market leading Volt's approximately 2% sales decline in 2013. The combination of the Volt's flat sales and rising sales for the Leaf  makes the Leaf the favorite to be in 2014 the EV sales leader.

The Leaf has a range of about 75 miles on a single charge, making it an ideal commuter car for many Americans, and costs between $21,000 to $26,000. Federal tax credits also are available.

Depending on you lifestyle and whether you have a second car, the Leaf just might be a great buy for you.

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  1. The Leaf and other electric cars are an attractive proposition in theory. But the practical problem we face is living in a city townhouse without a driveway or even the ability to park on our side of the street. I don't think I would want an electric car unless I could recharge it most of the time at home.