Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Top Ten Energy Facts Of 2013

These are remarkable energy times, with tremendous change rapidly taking place, creating environmental and economic winners and losers.  In the USA, renewable energy and energy efficiency are rising rapidly. Yet, the biggest change of all is in the carbon concentration of our atmosphere.

In one post, here are The Top Ten Energy Facts Of 2013:

10. Electricity Demand Falls In 5 Of Last 6 Years

9. Gas Industry Flares 30% Of Gas In North Dakota

8. New York City's Air Is Cleanest In 50 Years, Saving 800 Lives Per Year

7. Nuclear Power Production Falls Below 2010 Peak For Third Year In A Row

6. Marcellus Gas Provides 18% Of America's Gas

5. Electric Car Sales Breakthrough To 100,000 Plus

4. Plummeting Solar Costs Build 5,000 Megawatts Of Solar In US & 35,000 Globally

3. Wind Power Becomes Cheapest Energy Source In Growing Parts Of America

2. Atmospheric Carbon Concentration Passes 400 PPM, Highest In 800,000 Years

1. Coal Is World's Fastest Growing Fossil Fuel, Usage Rising 2.3% Per Year

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