Thursday, May 5, 2011

Two Big Alternatives to $4 Gasoline

While regular gasoline is now over $4 in 13 states plus Washington DC, 110,000 vehicles in the USA today will pay around $1.40 per gallon to fill up--with compressed natural gas.  Most of these vehicles doing so are buses, trash trucks, air port shuttles, and a few cars like the Honda Civic CNG.

There are 1,000 natural gas fueling stations open but just 500 serve the public.  The others fuel fleets like transit buses.  Twenty-six per cent of buses bought now are CNG.

So today about 250 million cars today are running on gasoline and diesel and paying dearly to do so, while just 110,000 vehicles are operating on natural gas and paying 50% to 75% less.  What a car wreck!

For those operating a Volt, Leaf, or plug in hybrid, the cost of electricity is about the equivalent of $1 per gallon.

To top off this expensive, infuriating topic, burning oil to run vehicles also causes more pollution than using natural gas or electricity.

Our addiction to oil is a huge market failure that government policy must correct.

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