Tuesday, May 31, 2011

$4 Gas Changes Cars Americans Buy--Big Time!

In 2006, just one out of 8 cars Americans bought was a sub-compact or compact.

$4 Gasoline in 2008 and rising prices in 2010 ended our love affair with the Hummer and SUVs.  In 2010 one out of 4 cars bought were compacts and sub-compacts.

The move to higher fuel efficient cars and away entirely from gasoline vehicles is gathering steam in 2011 as consumers experience another bout of $4 gasoline.  Households paid on average in April $369 to gas up.

One way to turn $4 gasoline into the equivalent of $2 per gallon is to double the miles per gallon that one's vehicle gets.  A vehicle that gets 17 mpg costs about 24 cents per mile to drive while a 34 mpg vehicle costs about 12 cents per mile.

Compact and sub-compacts provide a lot to love in the age of $4 gasoline.  Natural gas vehicles and electric cars are also looking ever more beautiful.

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