Monday, May 2, 2011

Presidential Leadership Delivers JUSTICE!

The United States Armed Forces delivered justice by killing in combat Osama Bin Laden as he hid in a compound in Pakistan.  Nearly ten years after September 11th and after the US invasion of Afghanistan to capture or kill those responsible for the worst attack on US soil since Pearl Harbor, this day of justice has arrived thanks to the bravery and skill of our military and the cool, steely determination of the Commander-in-Chief, President Obama.

President Obama correctly knew and said two things about the US strategic posture following September 11th.  The war in Iraq was a horrendous error, in part because it diverted our wealth, resources, and military from the job of killing or capturing Bin Laden and his murderous allies located originally in Afghanistan and then increasingly in Pakistan. President Obama stated the obvious that the military operations in Afghanistan after the invasion of Iraq had been starved of troops and mishandled.

The President made it clear in the 2008 Presidential campaign that he would withdraw from Iraq and refocus on Afghanistan and Pakistan, the epicenters of the terrorists who perpetrated September 11th. He also made it clear that he would pursue Bin Laden in Pakistan, with or without the permission of the compromised Pakistani government. On April 29th, President Obama issued the orders that delivered justice today almost certainly without the permission of the Pakistani government.

 Despite inheriting the worse economy since the Great Depression and having more than 8 million jobs destroyed, President Obama made the tough decision one year ago to increase troop levels and resources in Afghanistan.  Today is the fruit of historic Presidential leadership.

Now we must continue to attack the terrorists wherever they cower, and we must plan our exit from Afghanistan.  The damage of the last decade is being undone.


  1. John: Just a reminder of the header on your page: "Tired of ideological junk?" You are veering off-course with a few of your latest partisan posts.

    Insight from the shale gas fields of Pennsylvania is probably why most people read this site, not ramblings about national budget issues, which are nothing if not ideological (your way of looking at things).

  2. Not too surprisingly don't agree with the comment, though respect it. The blog will address shale gas and continue to do so. But it is being read by people who are not interested in Shale.

    The blog addresses the economy and politics. The National Debt is a fact. The CBO estimates from 2001 were made. The scoring of the various events that moved the nation from what would have been a $2 trillion surplus by 2011 to a $10.4 trillion are facts too. I am open to competing facts about the cost of the prescription drug bill, the IRAQ war, the Stimulus program, the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts (no serious economist says tax cuts generate more dollars than the dollar of tax cut costs but tax cuts are stimulative though the degree depends on the kind, size, and so on). These are important facts to discuss and I will do so here. In addition to a lot of focus on shale and other energy issues.

  3. on peak oil: from the IEA and the Australian Broadcasting Co.

    Thursday, 28 April 2011
    Oil Crunch