Friday, May 13, 2011

Comments Explanation

My apologies to several of you who have sent comments and not seen them published...until now.  I just noticed that 12 comments were caught in the spam filter.  I should have noticed much earlier.  If you had sent a comment and not seen it published, it may now be on the blog.

There also seem to be some comments about which I have received email notification but do not appear at the blog site in any part of it.  A few great comments this week fall into that category.  Google had an issue with its Blogger service for a day or two and that may explain what happened to them.  I would ask those who sent a comment this week that has not been published to try again.

I genuinely appreciate all the readers of the blog.  I especially find virtually all comments sent here to be advancing thinking and reasoning and have published about 95% of them.

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