Saturday, May 21, 2011

PA Sunshine Program Huge Success; Waiting List By July

The PA Sunshine Program has already built more than 50 megawatts of solar projects and will build about 90 megawatts by the time its initial funding of $100 million is exhausted.  And that time is fast approaching, with DEP likely creating a waiting list this July for PA Sunshine Applications due to funds reaching an end.

The PA sunshine program was created by Act 1 that provided $650 million for alternative energy investments. 

The program has used the $100 million to leverage another approximately $450 million of private investement to build ultimately 90 megawatts of solar capacity.  More than 700 PA businesses were approved by DEP to provide PA Sunshine solar systems.  The program created thousands of jobs.

PA sunshine commenced in 2009, providing matching support for both small commercial and residential solar projects.  At first $2.25 per watt was paid for residential installations and these amounts were reduced in stages.

By the last stage the subsidy for small commercial projects was cut to 25 to 75 cents per watt.  Despite very low subsidies the solar projects kept coming in the PA Sunshine door.

Now the initial money will run out by July.  PA Sunshine is a program that works and that should be renewed with another $25 million of funding.

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