Saturday, May 14, 2011

Governor Huckabee Announces Tonight

Governor Huckabee often leads polls of Republican voters about their Presidential preferences with roughly 20% of the vote.  Of all the possible Republican candidates, he also does best against President Obama in many of the match up polls.

So tonight is a big political moment.  Governor Huckabee will announce on his Fox News show whether he will run for President or not.

If the Governor takes the political plunge, he will have to walk away from his TV show and syndicated radio show.

Governor Huckabee is a self-made man who has not had the comfort of a wealthy family name like Bush, Romney, or Kennedy. Taking the political plunge for Governor Huckabee remains a much higher risk for his family and him than for others.

I respect what he has done with his life and his service in Arkansas, though I have significant differences.  He is a conservative populist that can speak to the frustrations of the middle class that have seen their incomes stagnate for 30 years.  He would indeed be a formidable Presidential candidate.

My gut says that he will not pursue the Presidency.

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