Monday, May 2, 2011

Sunbury Stops Drilling Wastewater Discharges as Pa Moves Toward Important Milestone

The Sunbury facility stopped discharging on May 1st drilling wastewater to rivers untreated for Total Dissolved Solids.  Sunbury had been one of 15 remaining facilities taking drilling wastewater and discharging it to rivers without treatment of drilling wastewater for TDS.

The decision of the Sunbury facility moves Pennsylvania and the natural gas industry toward an important achievement.  By May 19th,  less drilling wastewater untreated for TDS may be discharged to Pennsylvania's rivers and streams than was the case prior to the Marcellus development.  If this milestone is achieved, it is a triumph for all involved.

In addition those associated with the Sunbury plant are opening a new drilling wastewater recycling plant this month in Blossburg Pennsylvania.  Hydro Recovery is the name of the company that will be opening the new drilling wastewater treatment plant that will treat drilling wastewater so that it can be reused, though not discharged.  I had the privilege of cutting the ribbon at the groundbreaking for this facility. 

Go to for details about the company, its plant, and services.

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