Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Electric Cars Charging Forward...In Paris

Paris is installing 5,000 electric charging stations and will have 3,000 electric cars that can be rented through a shared car program.  Read that again.  The world is changing rapidly.

Paris, the home of the shared bicycle program, is planning to become late this year or in 2012 the first city in the world where electric cars will be a practical, everyday transportation option.

The city government has signed a contract with Autolib to provide the charging stations and electric cars.

Pennsylvania should be doing the same with both electric cars and natural gas vehicles

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  1. They are also looking at banning fracking. The French get everything right. Man, do I want to live there.

    I have been putting out the word that I'm available for on-site consulting in their fracking battles, but no bites yet.