Wednesday, May 11, 2011

78% of Commutes Are Less Than 40 Miles: So what?

The typical commuter has a trip that is perfect for plug-in hybrids or full electric cars: 40 miles or less.  Such a commuter with a Volt for example who never use gasoline to go to work and back home.

And electricity costs the equivalent of 3 cents per mile compared to about 16 cents per mile for gasoline.


  1. Love your blog, but I'm not sure the electricity costs are correct. Compare California versus the Carolinas, for example. The Volt is MORE expensive than the a gasoline powered car in CA (although probably not at $4.00/gallon gasoline - but that won't last for too long).

  2. This is so depressing. Just, that it's so nearly in reach and yet we just aren't doing it.

    It's not as frustrating as the facts about per person electricity use in California (they have kept it flat for 50 years while the rest of the country goes up and up), but it's still pretty depressing.