Thursday, May 5, 2011

SunRun May Be America's First National Solar Installer: Would You Buy It?

Installation cost is about half the cost of solar systems and there are now tens of thousands of companies that install solar across America.  Most of these companies are installing residential and small commercial solar systems.

At some point, economies of scale will come to residential solar installation, as Walmart brought such efficiencies to retailing.

Which company will be the first to be a national, residential solar installer, the Walmart of the solar installation business?

Right now SunRun is as likely as any company in the solar installation business.  The company has a leasing business model that has created more sales volume than any other residential solar installer.

SunRun is now doing about $1 million per day in residential solar installations and is growing quickly.  See  It recently obtained another $200 million of financing to do solar installations from U.S.Bancorp.

Solar panel prices are coming down rapidly and reducing the costs of installation through scale will bring total solar costs lower still.  The company or companies that achieve first such large scale residential solar installations should have a major profit-making opportunity.  SunRun has a chance to be that company and so is an attractive company for a much bigger fish to acquire.

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