Monday, May 30, 2011

Global Heat Trapping Pollution Reaches Record

The International Energy Agency will be soon reporting that global heat trapping pollution reached record levels in 2010, according to the Guardian newspaper.

Globally 30.6 billion tons of carbon pollution was emitted to the atmosphere in 2010. 

US global warming emissions have declined from peak levels to about amounts emitted in 1995.

The implications of these numbers are that world temperatures will almost certainly increase by minimally on average 4 degrees fahrenheit, with 2 degress already having taken place.

The warming temperatures are increasing moisture content in the atmosphere.  Higher moisture content fuels bigger precipitation events.

The world is running an uncontrolled science experiment by loading its atmosphere with heat trapping pollution.

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  1. Forget the discussion as to whether "Global Warming" is actual or a scam. Both factors have "documented proof" assisting their statements. More important is the fact that this semantics and educational discussion is annoying from the actual issue dealing with mankind - the decimation of the world and our total well being on three significant methodologies.
    noise complaint.