Friday, October 18, 2013

Walmart, Costco, IKEA, Macy's Increase Solar By 48% On Their Roofs

Led by Walmart and its 89 megawatts, solar is booming on the roofs of America's companies. The top 25 solar-using companies increased solar capacity by a huge 48% last year to 445 megawatts cumulatively.

The top 6 companies are Walmart, Costco, Kohl's, IKEA, Apple, and Macy's. The full list of the 25 companies with the most solar is in the link.

To put in context the 445 megawatts now installed at the premises of these 25 companies, America had a total of about 500 megawatts of solar installed as of 2005. This year total solar installation passed the 10,000 megawatts mark.

Most importantly, the solar boom in America and on the roof's of the America's companies is just getting started.

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