Monday, October 14, 2013

Is Right Wing Ideological Bubble Breaking? Conservative Columnist Does Her Part

I write this blog to have a fact-centered discussion of important energy, environment, economic, and political issues. It is partly a reaction to the ideologically-driven "Conservative Movement" that is powerful and controls the Republican party.

Yet, even some conservatives have had enough of the delusional, fact-free discourse and action that characterizes right-wing leaders like those driving the shutdown and default crisis. Jennifer Rubin is an arch-conservative, but she tries to pop the right's bubble with her 20-point Kool Aid Test:

Good luck to Rubin and other conservatives who seek to be part of the reality-based world. Perhaps, there is hope for the restoration of a fact-centered discourse.

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  1. I do not think so - I do think they got way off point, but it is time to start being honest. The budget is out of control. We need to better manage our expenses and the first priority is getting rid of the wasteful spending first. The health care law will either work or fail - but I would be ok with a role back in the individual mandate of at least a year - it is too confusing and many will not pick the correct option and be on the hook for out of pocket that they do not have. The fact free discourse happens on all sides in politics this includes the Rs, Ds, and the Executive Branch.