Thursday, October 24, 2013

Shock Fact: Americans Favor 58-39 Legalizing Marijuana In Latest Gallup Poll

The tipping point has been reached on Marijuana legalization.

A shockingly large majority--58% to 39%--now favor legalizing Marijuana. Wow!

Though a large majority now favors legalization, Republicans and Democrats view differently Marijuana laws. Sixty-five per cent of Democrats and 62% of independents favor legalization, but Republicans remain strongly opposed. Just 35% of the GOP want to stop the government from arresting about 750,000 Americans every year for possessing Marijuana.

The change in public opinion about Marijuana laws is now bigger and faster than the big move in public opinion about marriage equality. It is astonishing.

My campaign for Governor includes a 3-step Marijuana reform plan--medical marijuana, decriminalization, and legalization. The plan is at

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  1. Steve Mosher- MontroseOctober 24, 2013 at 12:56 PM

    Medicinal use of cannabis, industrial use of hemp, food, fuel, fiber, clothing, medicine. Just like Jack Herer said.
    Pennsylvania can show the nation how much can be made of this
    most useful plant. Not much has been accomplished by making me a criminal for the felony manufacturing charge I was awarded for my
    adventurous gardening project a couple of years ago.
    When you become our next Governor I will be asking for a pardon so I
    can rejoin the workforce. Of course, there will be myriad business opportunities then anyhow so I might be an employer at that point.
    I just don't deserve the label 'felon'. I'm sure that I am not alone on
    this one either.
    Very relieved to hear a candidate acknowledge this reality.