Thursday, October 3, 2013

US Fossil Fuel Production On Record Pace, While Total Renewable Energy Production Slightly Below 2011 Record Levels

Through June, fossil fuels in America are on pace to set another annual production record. As for all renewable energy sources, they were slightly behind the 2011 record, after the first 6 months.

While coal production continues to decline in 2013, increases especially in oil and another rise in gas production are enough to make it likely that fossil fuel production will set a new record in 2013.

Renewable energy too may set a new record in 2013, though it was a bit below the pace set in 2011.  Through June, declines in the two biggest source of renewable energy--hydro and biomass/biofuels--offset sharp increases in wind and solar production.

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  1. setting a record for fossil fuel production in THE YEAR 2013 is certainly not a distinction to be proud of...sad that this country is not ahead of the pack on green/renewable long as we continue to pledge our allegiance to the United Industries of Fossil Fuel we will struggle with finding the so called "balance" between sacrificing our clean air and water, our health and safety and having our American energy source! The next few decades will not be pretty. And don't forget that "bridge" folks....just don't have any illusions about what will be on the other side...