Thursday, October 31, 2013

Great Solar Cost Calculator Provides Homes/Businesses Solar Estimates: Try It!

The decline in solar costs is astonishing and means that many families and businesses can save money by installing solar. Are you one of them?

To answer that question, a good start is a solar report for your property from the website at Cost Of Solar.

After getting your solar report, I then recommend getting bids from three separate solar installers. Be sure to ask for references and talk to at least one of those references. Make sure you know their experience. Ask what solar equipment do they install. Understand guarantees. And explore both solar leasing and solar ownership, both of which may be available in your area.

Finally, remember that installing solar on your property will increase its property value. That property value increase is a bonus that comes on top of the increasing likelihood that installing solar will save you money but not doing so will cost you dollars!

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  1. It's a neat tool. Sadly, there are some communities which are zoned to prohibit the panels from being put on certain houses in certain locations. I happen to live in one of them. This is not a small deal - several policies that we have put in place over the years to do some measure of good are not interacting in ways never imagined. The best example is the delay in getting the Cape Wind project build - now over a decade in planning and tangled up in a web of environmental rules meant to protect the areas that the windmills are being put up in.

    Tradeoffs are everywhere and unrelenting.