Monday, October 21, 2013

Reality Check: Federal Budget Lower In Fiscal Year 2013 Than In Fiscal Year 2009 & Budget Deficit Plummets

The fact that the federal budget is lower in the fiscal year ending on September 30, 2013 than in the fiscal year 2009 that ended on September 30, 2009 will shock Tea Party ideologues. Ideology and living in an echo chamber will disorient from reality anyone.

Here are the numbers. The federal budget was $3.54 trillion in fiscal year 2009 (again ending September 30, 2009).

By comparison, in fiscal year 2013, the one that just ended this September 30, federal budget was $3.46 trillion. Over the last 4 years, total federal spending is FLAT or slightly DOWN.

Despite these facts, it is amazing to hear so many right wing ideologues say the reverse of reality. For example, an incredible 93% of Tea Party members and two-thirds of Republicans believe that the federal deficit increased in Fiscal Year 2013. Such detachment from reality is dangerous for democracy.

In fact, the federal deficit was $1.4 trillion in fiscal year 2009, as revenues to the government collapsed. It was $1.1 trillion in fiscal year 2012. And this year, as the economy was creating jobs at the rate of 2 million per year and revenues increased, the deficit fell sharply to $642 billion or 4% of GDP.

The deficit in 2013 is down $450 billion--that is a huge drop in a one-year period! But nearly all Tea Party members and two-thirds of Republicans believe the deficit is up!

Just remember that watching Fox News destroys minds!


  1. First, what Federal Budget are you talking about? The last approved Federal budget we had was from George W Bush's last term in office. We haven't had an approved Federal Budget since Obama took office almost 5 years ago. Even the Democrat controlled Senate wouldn't approve ANY of the budgets Obama submitted for the past 4 years.

    Second, watching Fox News may destroy minds, but watching any other "purported" news channel is a joke. And reading bogus, mis-information like you spew out is even worse.

    Third, you need to do your homework, and at a minimum check your facts before spouting lies and BS. Your referenced link to Bloomberg's poll about the Tea Party and Republicans thoughts on the Federal deficit increasing is completely bogus. Read the poll results for yourself. The Tea Party isn't even mentioned! Neither is the deficit. You took the word of another misleading writer who obviously didn't look at the actual poll itself. So here,s the poll. I suggest you read it:

    The facts are, under Obama the national debt has reached an incredulous $17 Trillion+ and is rising. The debt has risen more under Obama than all other presidents combined. Obama has had record $Trillion deficits for 4 years straight. The ONLY reasons the deficit has gone down at all is because of tax increases, including the 2% increase in the payroll tax deduction as of Jan 1st of this year, and the Sequester spending cuts proposed by Obama himself, and enforced by the Republicans. The US is taking in a record amount of money (taxes) than in any time in history, yet Obama and the Democrats want to increase taxes.

    Obama's nearly $ Trillion stimulus that was supposed to significantly reduce unemployment with "shovel ready jobs" did nothing but increase the deficit and debt (and keep Democrat government union voters in their jobs for an extra year or so). Unemployment has remained at record highs under Obama ever since the great depression and is still over 7%. Black youth unemployment is double that number. Unreal. And you can thank Obamacare for creating more PART-TIME jobs (less than 30 hours/week) than full-time jobs.

    The train wreck called Obamacare is now estimated to cost double or triple what we were lead to believe. It will add another $Trillion to the cost to run the government in the next decade. That is, if it doesn't collapse upon itself. And for millions of people, NO, you won't be able to keep your health insurance if you like it. Nor will you be able to keep your doctor if your doctor is not in the network under your new Obamacare insurance plan. And no, the average family is NOT going to save $2,500.00 per year in insurance premiums as Obama stated. In most cases the cost will rise (significantly?) and your deductibles will rise. And, as far as I've read so far, you have to pay the full deductible in advance before Obamacare insurance will even begin to pay medical bills. (I can't confirm this, though it wouldn't surprise me).

    The only reason any of Obama's numbers might look anywhere near good is because of the Republican controlled House of Congress. They control the purse strings, by design of our founders. And let's not forget the Federal Reserve that has been pumping $85 Billion per month into the economy, which will eventually come back to haunt us, and which makes all of the bogus numbers look better than they actually are.

    1. You managed to write a lot without dealing with the basic fact: Federal spending in Fiscal Year 2009 (starting October 1, 2008 and ending September 30, 2009) was $3.54 trillion. Federal Spending in FY 2013 was $3.46 trillion.