Monday, October 7, 2013

Island Nation Becomes First To Be Powered 100% By Renewables

Tokelau, an island nation in the South Pacific with a population of 1,500 on three atolls, is the first to be 100% electrically powered by renewable energy. Most of Tokelau's electricity comes from solar, with generators running on coconut oil providing the remainder.

Tokelau is both a model and a canary for the world.  With its highest point just 15 feet above sea level, it is threatened with extinction by rising seas as a result of increasing global temperatures.

While Tokelau gets 100% of its electricity from renewable resources, its few vehicles--a grand total of 3--still run on petroleum. Yet, getting off diesel for its electricity not only cuts its carbon emissions but also eliminates a considerable fuel bill for Tokelau's people.

At this point, what happens in Tokelau with renewable power and climate is not staying in Tokelau!

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