Friday, October 18, 2013

US Chamber Of Commerce Fights Tea Party Senate Candidates In Kentucky, Mississippi, And Elsewhere

The US Chamber of Commerce is a political operation at its core. It spent about $35 million during 2012, with close to 99% going to Republican candidates.
After witnessing Republican members of the House and Senate deny that default would harm the US economy, the Chamber now knows that electing a Tea Party member to Congress is a recipe for business and economic disaster. And so, the Chamber is going to fight the Tea Party in Republican primaries.

Political war between the conservative business establishment and the Tea Party radicals is now joined. The vote in the House and the Senate on raising the debt limit provides the battle map for the on-going war, with Tea Party supporters primarying Republicans that voted "Yes" and US Chamber and its allies supporting Republicans who voted Yes. But the traditional conservatives are also going on offense, as they plan to primary some Tea Party incumbents.

The war for the GOP's future will decide much, including whether or not this country's politics remains driven by those at the right-wing fringe.

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