Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Shock Fact: Colorado Utility Official Filing States Solar Is Competitive With Gas

Colorado's largest utility needs more electric generation capacity, and the results of its new generation bidding process are shocking.

Xcel states: "Based on generation needs, the most reliable and most cost-effective resources happen to be solar and wind. We are not taking on solar because we have to, but because it is cost-effective and economical."

In Colorado, a large producer of natural gas, solar is competitive with gas. As you can see, Xcel states that wind is also competitive with gas. But that's not news at this point.

The solar industry's already successful drive to cut costs is now the most important story in energy.  And remember cost reductions in solar are far from over.


  1. Great - Wish PA credits were a lot better - it does not pay to attempt to use solar for my home - good luck with you campaign. How about a program to better fund the installation of ground source systems for homes? Basically uses some electricity (coal, gas, wind, solar, biomass produced) and then the individual home do not need to use a high energy source like coal and natural gas to heat and cool homes - efficiency is on the over of a few hundred percent. Again love to install - but tax credits are not enough - maybe allocate some of the Act 13 money??

    1. Thanks for the good wishes on the campaign. I agree with you on geothermal. On solar, some Pennsylvanians are getting price quotes that give them a 10-12 year payback. That's not a terrible rate of return. And the solar prices will be even lower next year. I do recommend always getting three price quotes from good installers.