Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Tea Party Has A Terrible Night, Losing Three Big Races

The big message of election 2013 is that the Tea Party is waning, for it had a terrible night.

Its darling in Virginia, Ken Cuccinelli, lost the Governor's race, making this the first time since 1973 that Virginia elected a Governor from the party who holds the White House.

Governor Christie who blasted the government shutdown and preaches bi-partisan cooperation won New Jersey. Christie's approach to government rebukes Tea Party refusal to compromise.

In an Alabama GOP Congressional Primary, the Chamber of Commerce Republicans, who think defaulting the Government is dangerous lunacy, beat 52%-48% Tea Party adherents who supported a candidate who outright stated President Obama was born in Kenya.

One bad night does not end the Tea Party, and its losses last night were narrow.  But election night showed that the country, and perhaps the GOP, is leaving the Tea Party.

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  1. That is find with me. It's time to show the T-Party the Door! They are hated and being attack from 3 sides. The Democrats Hate em, Independants Hate em, and the GOP Hates them too. Kinda hard to expand your power base when everyone hates your guts. ;-)