Monday, November 25, 2013

Reality Check: New Study Confirms Shale Gas In PA Provides Directly & Indirectly About 1% Of Jobs Needed

Another major study documents that shale gas drilling will create about 1% of all the jobs Pennsylvania must have to be at full employment. Or to put it another way, Pennsylvania must get 99% of the jobs it needs from something other than the shale gas industry.  That's a reality that Governor Corbett continues to deny.

Governor Corbett's economic development plan is nothing more than a very bad version of "Drill Baby Drill!" He has dismissed legitimate concerns, undermined local governments ability to zone, refused to tax, slashed enforcement.

And despite all the evidence to the contrary, such as Pennsylvania losing 7,400 jobs in September and creating none in October, the Governor still suggests that gas drilling brings broad prosperity to Pennsylvania. It has not, cannot, and will not.

Pennsylvania's terrible jobs performance under Governor Corbett is rooted in the Governor's horrible misunderstanding of Pennsylvania's economy. To create broad prosperity in Pennsylvania, education, health care, agriculture, manufacturing, retail, tourism, transportation, clean energy industries all must be strong and growing. Yet, Governor Corbett has attacked or neglected everyone of those industries for the last 3 years!

And now the results can be seen by all!

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