Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Political Fact: Poll Finds Hanger Leads Corbett 51% to 32% And Is Strongest Candidate Against Governor Corbett

The latest poll from Public Policy Polling (PPP) of the Pennsylvania's Governor's race is full of great news for my campaign. I lead Governor Corbett 51% to 32% and am the strongest candidate against Corbett.

Among the announced candidates, I am the strongest candidate against Corbett with men, women, independents, and African Americans.

Among men, I lead the beating the Governor 56%-30%. With women, I lead the Governor, 47%-30%. I am also beating the Governor among independents and African Americans by respectively 59%-20% and 74%-15%.  Again, no other candidate performs that well against the Governor with these groups.

In the May 2014 Democratic primary, PPP also finds that I am statistically tied for second with McCord and McGinty among announced candidates. McCord got 10%, McGinty 9%, and I am at 8%  (PPP included Jack Wagner in the poll, though he has not a candidate now and has not said that he intends to be one.).

Allyson Schwartz leads in the PPP poll with 21% but is not rising. The winner of the primary will likely need 30% of the vote.

By contrast, our campaign's got real momentum that is now starting to be reflected in public polling. We are gaining strength every day. Our goal is to get 30% or 300,000 votes in the May 2014 Democratic primary, and that total will be enough to win.

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