Saturday, July 23, 2011

The South Has 6 of 10 States with Highest Unemployment Rates

The worst unemployment rates are concentrated in the states of the old Confedracy. Six of the top highest unemployment rates are in the 13 states of the Confedracy.

Those 6 are Florida at 10.6%; South Carolina at 10.5%; Mississippi at 10.3%; Georgia at 9.9%; Alabama at 9.9%; and Tennessee at 9.8%.

These states have low investment in education and healthcare. They have also minimal commitment to clean technology, clean energy, and environmental protection.

They have raced to the bottom and found high unemployment waiting.

Another Sunbelt state, Nevada, has the highest unemployment rate at 12.4%.

Slashing investment in education as Pennsylvania did in the 2012 budget is an expressway to high unemployment and an inability to compete in the global market.

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