Thursday, July 21, 2011

Energy Information Administration Top Dog Slams NYT & Stands By Shale Estimates

Acting Administrator Howard Gruenspecht had the joy of testifying tuesday to the United States Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee about EIA's gas supply and shale gas projections, and the NYT charge that EIA officials were cooking the books and thereby supporting the alleged Ponzi scheme.

The EIA top dog repeated the maxim of not getting into fights with people who buy ink by the barrel, but then did just that.  Good for him.

He reaffirmed the EIA shale gas projections which are consistent with the MIT projections and those of other non-government experts. And then he went further, according to Talia Buford for Political Pro who was covering the hearing.

He was asked by Senator Murkowski specifically about an anonymous email from an EIA staffer that the NYT reporter quoted to suggest that EIA top officials were ordering the books on shale gas to be cooked and overstated. 

Gruenspecht said the NYT reporter had "heavily redacted" the email to give the impression of impropriety and that EIA had sent the full email to the House of Representatives and would do so to the Senate so that they could see for themselves.  He also said the email was from an entry level staffer who was hired as an intern in 2009.

Nearly everyone who has the unfortunate experience of running across the NYT gas reporter can recount in some fashion how he manipulates information to create a skewed narrative that has one consistency--anti-natural gas.

Thank you to the EIA for joining the growing group who are blowing the whistle on the disgraced NYT gas reporter.

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