Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bachmann Rising...Now In New Mexico...Pawlenty Sinking

Representative Bachmann's roll continues with a new poll by Public Policy Polling putting her first in New Mexico, leading the supposed Republican front runner Governor Romney.  Bachmann leads Romney 21 to 18.  The poll included Palin but not Perry.  Palin drew 11%.

With Palin and former New Mexico Governor Johnson (yes he is running now) out of the race, Bachmann moved to a 27 to 23 lead over Romney.

Tim Pawlenty trails badly with 7%.  Pawlenty's anemic poll numbers are matched by his poor fundraising, managing to raise just $4 million in the first quarter of 2011.

Bachmann now leads in Oregon, Montana, and New Mexico, is tied in Iowa, but trails in New Hampshire.  Today no candidate is better positioned to win the Republican nomination than Bachmann.

Bachmann's first real challenge will come when and if Palin or Perry get in the race.  The New Mexico poll shows that she is fully competitive with just Palin in the race but Bachmann will be damaged if both Perry and Palin run. 

Representative Bachmann, however, trails President Obama 51-36 in New Mexico, a swing state.

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