Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bachmann Takes National Lead In Poll: What Does It Mean?

Public Policy Polling tweeted last night that Representative Bachmann had a one point lead in its poll of national Republican voters that it will release today.

This blog with its "Bachmann Rising" posts has been tracing Bachmann's meteoric rise to the top of national politics and this morning the PPP poll means she is the national front runner and favorite to the be the Republican nominee in 2012.

Bachmann's July front runner status means that about 70% of Republican voters are looking for anyone other than Governor Romney and that Governor Romney now has a very difficult path to the nomination.

Republican voters are not buying Governor Romney who had been pro-life, then pro-choice in Massachusetts, and now again pro-life, who once favored action against climate change before caving, and who still favors universal healthcare and the individual insurance mandate, while simultaneously pandering to death panel politics.

Bachmann has also suffocated the chances of Governor Pawlenty and done the same to Sarah Palin, who has waited too long, if she were to plunge in.

Bachmann's biggest obstacle to the nomination is not Romney but Governor Perry and the daunting task of raising about $5 million per month or more.  But her new status at the top of the national polls will boost her fundraising.

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