Saturday, July 16, 2011

NYT Public Editor May Woodshed NYT Gas Reporter

Do not take this to the proverbial bank, but I am hearing from good sources that the Public Editor of the NYT may have a column in tomorrow's Sunday New York Times that critiques and possibly woodsheds the NYT gas reporter for his June 26th series of false articles. 

The Public Editor is the internal ombudsman to the public for the NYT.  Given the deliberately false presentations of the important natural gas issue written by the NYT gas reporter, even a woodsheding of him by the Public Editor does not begin to remedy the disservice he has provided to the truth and his readers.

Of course, one can hope that a public rebuke by the Public Editor will end the career of the NYT reporter.  In the military a letter of censure placed in a file of an officer would typically do exactly that. 

If the Public Editor moves forward tomorrow with the equivalent of a letter of censure, it will be interesting to see whether the top management of the NYT circles the wagons around their rogue reporter or excises the cancer he represents.  Stay tuned.

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