Friday, July 1, 2011

Updated Governor Cuomo & Fracking

Off his triumphs of passing gay marriage and a fiscally responsible state budget, Governor Cuomo may be the most popular Governor in America.  His approval ratings are above 60%.

He now tackles gas drilling.  Governor Cuomo and his DEC Commissioner Joe Martens issued a carefully crafted policy and worded press release. 

The press release led with the news that drilling would be banned within all primary aquifers and on state-owned land.

The release then said, "Drilling permitted on other private land with rigorous and effective protections."

According to the release, "high-volume fracturing would be prohibited in the New York City and Syracuse watersheds, including a buffer zone."  Unlike any public drinking water system in Pennsylvania, New York City does NOT filter its water and so concerns about the NYC drinking water source are considerably magnified.

Bottom line seems to be shale drilling will be allowed on private lands outside of the New York City and Syracuse watersheds.

This policy is essentially what I expected.

And I can assure you this result reflects both policy and politics, the politics of New York and America.

Unlike Governor Christy, Governor Cuomo will run and win re-election to his governorship.

But like Christy, Governor Cuomo will run for President in 2016.  The American people favor by more than 2 to 1 responsible development of domestic natural gas resources Andrew Cuomo is like his dad in some respects and not like him in others.

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