Sunday, July 3, 2011

82% of Japanese Want To End Nuclear Power: Will that End Japanese Nuclear Power?

Japan, the world's third largest economy, has a population that wants overwhelmingly to end nuclear power and join Germany, the world's 4th largest economy with no nuclear plants.

The Japanese public wants the reactors phased out, recognizing that nuclear power provides about a third of their electricity.

So will these public opinion numbers translate into an end to nuclear power in Japan?  They would in nearly any European nation, probably would in the USA, but I am no expert on Japanese government and its democracy.

I would say, however, that the 82% number favoring an end to nuclear power, high as it is, will not decline and perhaps increase a bit as the full impact, details of the Fukushima disaster are revealed.

And what would take the place of nuclear power in Japan?  Almost certainly a combination of LNG supplied gas, more renewable energy, and even more energy efficiency in a country that is already highly energy efficient.

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