Friday, July 1, 2011

UPDATED/MUST READ Scandal: NYT Gas Reporter Is the Next Judith Miller

The truth is catching up to the NYT gas reporter. Read this devastating article that begins to reveal the next Judith Miller scandal at the NYT:

In it you will find out key information unrevealed by the NYT reporter about the only two named sources in the June 26th NYT gas story and much more.  The other 8 sources were anonymous.

As to Ms. Rogers, a principal on the record source, the NYT reporter described her as a highly credible financial expert. A nice picture of her accompanied the article. The NYT Reporter called her a "Commissioner" of the Federal Reserve Bank in Dallas, serving on the "advisory committee." 

The Dallas Federal Reserve corrected the record, saying that Ms. Rogers is an unpaid volunteer on the small business and agriculture advisory council. 

The NYT Reporter did not disclose the truth to his readers.  Instead of being a financial expert, Ms. Rogers owns a farm and produces cheese. At that farm, she has been in a years-long battle with Chesapeake Energy.  Ms. Rogers also serves on the steering committee of the anti-fracking organization called the Oil and Gas Accountability Project.  None of that is in the June 26th article.

Instead the NYT Reporter presented her as an official in the Federal Reserve with an objective, investor protection concern.

The information about the Mr. Berman in the linked article is potentially even more damaging to the NYT Reporter, even edging into potential criminal stock manipulation.  See for yourself.

Another 8 sources were anonymous.  The article sheds some light on these anonymous sources. 

Judith Miller's false reporting relied on anonymous sources and the infamous source code named "Curveball."  Curveball was presented by the NYT as a source with Inside Information of the Saddam Hussein regime's weapons of mass destruction plans.  He was a favorite source of Vice President Cheney. 

I hate to say it, but I found Miller's reporting convincing at the time.

It was a heap of lies. The biggest lie of all were the explosive tales told by Curveball.

Curveball was deliberately providing false information to the US government in a fabulously successful effort to get the USA to stampede to war.  The NYT enabled this false information, putting it on the front page, often on a Sunday for maximum impact (sound familiar?).  By doing so, the NYT significantly enabled the disatrous IRAQ war.

Now the NYT June 26th gas story and the February 27th story follow that infamous path.  The NYT gas reporter is the next Judith Miller.

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