Thursday, August 29, 2013

Shameful Fact: 18 Philadelphia Charter Schools Have Been Investigated By Feds For Stealing Or Misusing Taxpayer Funds

Last week the feds indicted in Pittsburgh the founder of PA Cyber Charter School and charged that he and his accountant had stolen $8 million.  Today, Philadelphia's City Paper reports that 18 charter schools have been investigated by the federal government for stealing or misusing taxpayer funds.

Even as hundreds of millions of dollars go to failed and sometimes fraudulent charter schools, some politicians keep squeezing teachers for wage cuts and other givebacks.  Even now, Philadelphia teachers have an average income that puts them in the bottom third of the 62 school districts in the Philadelphia region.

Here is my statement calling for politicians to stop squeezing teachers and instead to cut the enormous waste or worse going on at failed charter schools. 71% of charters do not meet math or reading standards!

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