Tuesday, August 20, 2013

PA Ranks Again 49th In Job Creation, Even As It Becomes Nation's 2nd Largest Gas Producer

After losing 1,700 jobs in July, Pennsylvania again ranks 49th in job creation.  See the ASU rankings:

July brought more bad jobs news in Pennsylvania, even as Pennsylvania passed Louisiana in gas production to become the nation's second biggest gas producer.  Pennsylvania's job struggles and gas production surge are both taking place at the same time, demonstrating that the gas industry cannot by itself bring broad prosperity to the Commonwealth.  Indeed, no single industry can provide the 6.5 million jobs the state needs to be at full employment.

While America and 32 states added jobs in July, Pennsylvania did not but instead lost jobs--1,700 jobs.

It is a fact that Pennsylvania has sunk from 7th in job creation in 2010 to now 49th for the period July, 2012 to July 2013.  What makes this miserable job performance even more disturbing is that Governor Corbett believes--truly amazingly--that he is doing a good job.  The Governor really is disconnected from the lives of most Pennsylvanians.


  1. John,

    What do you believe the cause for the job drop is? Why are the benefits of gas production not spreading through the entire economy like we are seeing in ND? Are the jobs associated with an oil boom significantly different than those of a gas boom?

    1. North Dakota has the highest drilling tax in the nation. PA has no drilling tax. PA is investing in education. PA is cutting education, health care, transportation. PA has a population about 25 times bigger than ND. PA needs 6.5 million jobs to be at full employment. Gas drilling or no single industry can do that.