Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Scorching Facts: Two-Thirds Of Global Solar Built In Last 30 Months And Solar Will Double In Next 30 Months

As the sun came up today, the world had 110,000 megawatts of solar power operating, enough to supply 22 million American homes.  Around the world and in America, solar is being installed faster than any other energy source. Indeed, most of today's solar has been built in the last 30 months.

To be precise, 68% of the world's solar capacity has been built in the last 30 months.  Solar's success rests on plunging costs that are down 60% or more since 2011.  In turn, more installations lead to still lower costs.  The global solar business gains momentum and builds volume everyday.

As a result, the world will have more than 200,000 megawatts of solar within the next 30 months or double what it had this morning. Stunningly good news.

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