Thursday, August 1, 2013

New England Uses Virtually No Coal And Little Renewable Energy For Power

While America gets 40% of its electricity from coal, the 6 New England states use coal for just 3%.

While nearly off coal entirely, New England is not leading the way with renewables. All renewables provide it just 9% of its power, compared to 14% nationally. So since its not coal or renewables, what is powering New England?

New England relies on gas for about 50% and nuclear for 35% of its electricity, or about two times more than America relies on gas and nukes.  New England is a natural gas and nuclear power region, while California is a natural gas and renewable energy powerhouse.

The combination of nuclear, hydro, and renewable energy means that New England gets about 45% of its power from zero carbon sources.  By comparison, America gets about 33% of its power from zero carbon power.  New England's larger zero carbon power percentage is because it gets 35% of its electricity from nuclear power, while America gets just 19%.

Thanks to Seth Kaplan for the New England power facts in the link.

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