Thursday, August 15, 2013

PA's Electric Vehicle Charging Gap: PA Has Just 281 Of America's 18,524 Electric Vehicle Charging Gap

Driving on electricity costs on average the equivalent of $1.14 per gallon. The fuel savings are huge, if one can readily charge an electric vehicle on our public roads.

In California, Washington, Oregon, Texas, New York, public electric charging outlets are being installed, as those states race to gain the competitive advantage that goes to the states that first have comprehensive alternative fueling infrastructure.  Across America, 18,524 electric vehicle charging outlets are now open.

Of America's total, a pathetic 281 charging stations are open in Pennsylvania.  Pennsylvania lags way behind in the race to get off expensive oil, putting its families and businesses at a rapidly growing competitive disadvantage with those states that are moving to electricity, natural gas, and bio-diesel for transportation.

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