Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Refreshing Fact: Keystone Politics Gives Two Thumbs UP For My Gas Regulation Plan

Gas drilling and the role of gas production in Pennsylvania is emerging as a major issue in the Pennsylvania election for Governor.  The public has loss confidence in Governor Corbett's willingness and ability to regulate and tax the gas industry. Indeed, the meltdown in public confidence is shocking.

Keystone Politics reviewed my detailed plan for gas drilling regulation and gave it two thumbs up:

My plan is detailed and contains 19 action items. You can read it for yourself at this link:

I remain the only candidate with detailed positions on gas production, other energy issues, and economic development.  My gas drilling and jobs plans are all at my campaign website which is:

My campaign is committed to "Policy First, Politics Second" and that means providing details to voters before the election, not after.

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