Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Shock Poll Finds 58% Support Drilling Moratorium In PA: The Reasons Why Public Confidence Is Collapsing

Tim is running out for the gas industry to get gas drilling right in Pennsylvania. Public confidence in the gas industry and its oversight is at tipping points and collapsing.

A poll by the University of Michigan and Mullenberg College finds a stunning 58% support "strongly" or "somewhat" a moratorium on gas drilling in Pennsylvania.  Just 25% is strongly opposed to a moratorium.  See Table 21 at page 19.  See also:

The gas industry will note that the poll also finds 49% to 40% support for gas extraction in Pennsylvania. Yet, those numbers are becoming similar to public opinion in New York state and are moving toward a tipping point against gas drilling.

So what explains the continuing collapse of public confidence in the oversight and operations of the gas industry itself.  Things like only a handful of companies in Pennsylvania embracing the Center For Sustainable Shale Development, while many companies now view it as a threat or annoyance, illustrate the gas industry's self-inflicted wounds.

But the biggest reasons for collapsing public confidence include still too many accidents, inadequate regulation and enforcement by the Corbett Administration, and the Corbett Administration's refusal to treat respectfully and fairly drilling complaints and concerns. Add to those blows to confidence the Corbett's nationally unique oppostion to a reasonable drilling tax, and you get these poll numbers.

The state of public confidence and opinion reflected in this poll should cause major changes in the gas industry and the Corbett Administration. But it may not change much in either. Time will tell and is running out.


  1. we have 3 compressor stations by us- 2 have had explosions and DEP said it is a rare "event". DEP needs to close shop and just go work for the industry NOW-at least be honest about it!

  2. The industry has over promised and grossly under delivered and yoko is right about the DEP. They suck.