Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Corbett's Bing Bong Theory Of PA Economy Goes Viral and National

Governor Corbett's explanation for why Pennsylvania has lost jobs over the last 12 months has been described by the Philly Daily News as the "Big Bong Theory."  Corbett believes those without work, working part-time, or looking for a better job are not having success because of failed drug tests. 

The real problem of course is not drug tests, but not enough jobs.  Andy why has Pennsylvania produced no jobs, when the nation created 2 million? Corbett is under the influence of Tea Party and Norquist ideas.

The jobs performance of the Corbett Administration gets worse the longer he serves.  Indeed, most of the jobs Pennsylvania has created during his term were in his first 12 months. 

I discuss in this video the PA economy and Corbett's various explanations for the sad facts here:

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