Wednesday, May 15, 2013

New York Ranks Third In Total Carbon Emissions From Natural Gas

When it comes to reducing its carbon footprint, New York has lots about which it can be proud, including the lowest per capita emissions in the country.  But New York's reliance on natural gas for daily life is underlined by the fact that it ranks third among all states in portion of its total carbon emissions that come from natural gas.  Natural gas accounts for 37.6% of all its carbon emissions.

Given its large reliance on natural gas, New York's very low ranking for carbon emissions from coal is not surprising.  New York ranks 43rd in total emissions from coal, with 9.1% of its carbon emissions from coal. Unlike many states, New York uses little coal to make electricity but a lot of gas to do so.  New York also uses increasing amounts of natural gas to heat buildings.

New York is among those states where burning petroleum is the leading cause of carbon emissions.

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